Moving a Business to Rye

Moving your business to Rye or opening a business in the area?
The local industrial estates and harbour facilities are well supported by ESCC ever keen to assist and attract investment in the Rye Bay area.

Due to the low crime rates, great weather and our proximity to London and Paris, the Rye Bay area is much sought after place to live and work.

The Rye Bay area business tend to work well to support each other, Rye Bay Marketing Ltd who run this site work with the Rye and District Hotel and Catering Association and the Rye Chamber of Commerce.

We will be happy to put you in touch with our members and resources to make your move to the Rye Bay Area both smooth and profitable.

We have two thriving local industrial estates with a wide mix of Retail, Office and heavy industrial units spread over around 35 acres.
Is the largest Industrial estate with harbour access and a range of newly developed units. This estate can receive 80m ships.
Smaller units with limited availability and space to expand.

Rye enjoys excellent footfall all year round and especially in the summer months, you will find the Rye Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start your enquiries.

After the pandemic more people are looking for flexibility with their work life balance. This means that opportunities offering attractive rates of pay and good working conditions will always be filled with motivated staff.

Rye offers a good catchment area for new skilled staff coming from both public and private sector education. Being under an hour from London and with an excellent road and rail infrastructure it’s not just the IT Companies who enjoy the low overheads and relaxed lifestyle provided in the Rye Bay area.

Unless you live locally you may find it worthwhile asking for discounted rates from a B&B then stay in the area for a week so that you can engage with those in the know to arrange a productive visit.