New Advertisers

For each entry on the website all we ask is £75 and a link to the site, once your advert is online please redirect the link to your advert
on the site, when submitting your advert please follow the guidelines below so that we have the core elements needed to get your
advert onto the search engines.

To add update or make changes to an existing entry on the site please email us with the following in mind

1. Locate your entry on VisitRyeBay then place a link from your own website to your entry on this will
help further promote your business

2. Write out what you want on the site bearing in mind we need three elements
Title text should contain your venue name and part of a search term under which you would like to be found on Google
and be under 80 characters

Short description should again contain your venue name and the search term but can be up to 120 characters

Main Text could be up to an A4 of text with three images and links to your own assets which could include YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter and of course your website.

Contact Details can be either at the bottom or at the top in bold and should include another link to your website,
phone and other details you want to provide.

3. When you send in the email to us please let us know the exact location of the link you have placed to or
to your own advert on here, without this we cannot proceed, we will then reciprocate with a link back to your website.

Finally please indicate which sections of this website you should appear in such as Family Rooms, Things to do for Youngsters,
Places to Eat or to get Married

Payments should be made to Rye Bay Marketing Ltd and posted to
Rye Heritage Centre
The Strand
Rye, East Sussex TN31 7AY

Once payment has been received we will add you to the site.

Every penny of revenue will be used to promote the Rye Bay Area, to find out more please email