Occasionally we find causes that are really worth supporting. Each of these will result in increased visitor numbers to help the retail sector, improve employment prospects and since they benefit every local resident and business.

Fletchers Theatre
Having attracted £1.25m…your support is needed to ensure we get planning permission

Studio School for Rye

One of only 16 Studio schools in the Country are now able to offer ….
Please go here to read about the many benefits they offer
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Rye Partnership and Chamber of Commerce

 Have applied for a grant of ..

Grant Applications or planning permissions will benefit from your support so by taking 5 minutes to pen a note to those listed above you could significantly improve the retail prospects and experience in the Rye Bay Area. Please be sure to mention the

  • The benefits to the Wider Rye Bay Area at all times
  • How these enhancements could attract moving a Business to the Rye Bay Area
  • How More people could end up living in the Rye Bay Area
  • The benefit to retail  and other business in the Rye Bay Area
  • The importance of Tourism and Leisure pursuits to the Rye Bay Area