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Residential Property in Rye for Sale
Written by Paul

Residential Property in Rye for Sale will often change hands in the Rye Bay very quickly. Word of mouth and good networking means we often know of properties that are quietly available. Many of our properties for sale in Rye are not publicly listed.

We offer both private and commercial services for those who want to buy a property in Rye or want to sell a property in Rye and the surrounding area.

For details of available properties please visit or click on the image below.

Buy a Property in the Rye Bay Area

About our service
Listed By Owners is an online property listing service where property owners only pay £100 to list their properties until sold. 

Owners have control over the entire process and save a fortune in estate agency fees. 

You can if you wish receive the enquiries directly so you remain in complete control and can opt to have an agent of your choice take the enquiries.

We come from a traditional business background not estate agency. We help you market your property in Rye and on social media to reach a wide audience in a short time scale.

We leverage modern technology to keep your costs down and keep you informed at all times and in real-time about interest in your property.

Additional Information to help with properties for sale in Rye

We can help with
EPC Certificates.
Having an EPC is a legal requirement and cost very little. Once you have an EPC for under £80 they are valid for 10 years.

Floor plans.
These are extremely helpful when trying to convey to the person who wants to buy you home in the Rye Bay area. A well presented floor plan gives a prospective buyers an idea of alterations that may be possible.

We make it simple to promote Residential Property in Rye for Sale at a lower cost that traditional options.

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