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Gandhi Restaurant in Rye

Gandhi Restaurant in Rye is good if you are looking for places to eat in Rye and you fancy an Indian then the Gandhi is one of the popular places to eat. Children are welcome and late meals are available.



We offer a full 40 seat restaurant open until late offering a wide range of outstanding indian food.

Please do not take our meals back to any local accommodation provider without clearing it with them beforehand. They may want you to collect one for them ūüėČ

Our Menu is here

We are waiting  for your Call on on 01797 223091

 The Gandhi restaurant in Rye bay is located in Cinque ports street close to the police station with plenty of parking to the rear in the Market car park or opposite in the 50 space car park.
The Gandhi Restaurant in Rye Bay is probably well described as quiet and family friendly, certainly not rowdy and noisy. Service is at a relaxed pace and friendly. The Gandhi serve traditional Indian beer.

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