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Is Dungeness worth a visit? We think so,

The former home of Derek Jarman is to be found here.

Kent boasts numerous charming towns perfect for a weekend getaway. If you’re seeking an escape beyond the bustling scenes of Whitstable and Margate, consider Dungeness for your next adventure. Nestled at the southernmost point of Kent, this quaint fishing town offers a unique experience that feels like reaching the edge of the world in the best possible way.

Dungeness features expansive shingle beaches, adorned with weathered wooden cabins overlooking abandoned fishing boats and the vast open sea. It provides a genuine break from urban life, making it an ideal destination for those accustomed to the hustle and bustle of city living. Spend a day or an entire weekend leisurely strolling along the coastline, soaking in the tranquility and marveling at the impressive Dungeness Nuclear Power Station.

Embrace the maritime history of the area and explore the charm of Rye, a nearby town with its own distinct character. Discover the local culture and enjoy the simple pleasures of coastal life in Dungeness, making it a memorable and refreshing retreat.

If you have yet to make arrangements for your accommodation then can be seen from Dungeness and is around a short 15 minute drive or 20 minute cycle from here. Saltcote Place is a large country mansion that is only 700 yards from Rye high street and offers secure parking in gated grounds which is ideal for cars and cycles.