Where to stay in Rye

Your options will depend on the available budget and your intentions when looking where to stay in Rye. A romantic midweek break above the wedding downstairs may not work as well as it you had hoped.

Visitors to Rye Bay can anticipate a wide selection of places to stay. It helps to select the place which best matches your expectations.

Always book direct with the venue.  Online travel agencies such as Expedia and load an additional 15 to 23% commission. It may take a little longer but everyone appreciates it.

Hotels in Rye range from three to four star.  Our many Bed and Breakfast providers range from 2 star to 5 star gold with prices that reflect what is offered.

Types of accommodation in Rye Bay

Rye Bed and Breakfast Forget everything you may have heard about a BnB. Many offer your own entrance to come and go as you please. Some offer free parking and most offer free WiFi. Breakfasts are often very flexible with late options being available. You are unlikely to pay VAT and breakfast is usually included in the price.

Self Catering in Rye Bay is of interest then again you will not be disappointed. We have cottages in the citadel, and in the countryside with far reaching views. We have properties with rural settings as well as the occasional penthouse in a country manor. Some owners are hands on and will make special arrangements to include a champagne reception. Within the citadel you are unlikely to find parking.

Rye Hotels offer a reception to welcome you, a bar where you can relax. The Mermaid offer Electric vehicle charge points for their Guests as does the Regent Motel. Not all offer parking and some may be hosting Weddings which Rye is known for.

Dog friendly accommodation in Rye <– click on this link to see all Dog Friendly places
Some of our accommodation providers are more able to accommodate dogs than others. It’s worth wiping your dogs feet and towelling them dry before returning to your pet friendly accommodation in Rye.

Housekeeping tips for dog owners (written by a dog owner)
Keep dogs off of bedding at all times
Be considerate of flooring and walls when taking back wet dogs “home”.
If your fur baby is going to howl during breakfast or wreak the furniture take precautions
Not all owners are as thoughtful which results in fewer places being pet friendly.

All accredited accommodation providers offer value for money. All providers are committed to you enjoying your visit to the Rye Bay Area.

Summary of accommodation in Rye Bay

The “Sleeping” Menu above lists all of the best places to stay in the Rye Bay area – try something different.

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