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Bed and Breakfast for Sale Rye

Why Buy a Guest House or bed and Breakfast in Rye ?

At last you are in control of your hours, your income and your stress levels. Buying an existing Bed and breakfast in Rye can be a rewarding experience as the area has long been established as one of the most popular for well heeled mature visitors.

Your reasons for wanting to buy a bed and breakfast in the Rye Bay area could include…

  • It provides a steady income from within your home.
  • You do not have to travel to work and people generally are a pleasure to meet.
  • Working with your “Partner” can be extremely enjoyable way of life.
  • As a self employed owner operator you do not have to employ staff.
  • With simple to use tools for reservations and a great local infrastructure you will hit the ground running.
  • Stay below the VAT threshold and relax or take on staff and grow the business, the options are yours.
  • Closing a Bed and breakfast or Guest House for a week or two will not have a detrimental effect on the business; this gives you a life-style option.

If you decide to become an accommodation provider then it pays to take on an existing business with an established track record.

If it has a good reputation that’s great as you need only learn how they ran it to see if your plans align with the commitment shown by the previous owners.

If it has a poor reputation that’s great too, it’s often easier to turn a place around if the previous owners were just tired, complacent or lacked your drive. Turning a place around can be really rewarding and it’s very simple to get publicity from a good news story.

Could you purchase a Hotel business? You will need to ensure that you carefully consider what that entails. During busy periods you will need to take on additional staff, more than you need in the winter, there will be many early mornings, late evenings and you will become a master of many trades.

Though the tasks are technically undemanding the level of repetitiveness and intensity at busy times can be challenging. The business operation is physically demanding and can constrain your social life in the early days until you manage to delegate those tasks others can do better than you.

If you have the following qualities and skills running your very own business might be for you:

  • Want to be self-employed within a low risk sector.
  • Enjoy meeting new people and are happy to have strangers in your home.
  • Feel that you have good inter-personal skills and have customer care skills.
  • Enjoy cooking.
  • Have excellent personal standards and enjoy cleaning.
  • Are self-reliant, organised and cope well under a degree of pressure.
  • Can put on a smile when your tired 😉

Definitely sign up to training on food hygiene standards, particularly if you’re going to run a business offering food, as you’ll be inspected by the Rother council at some point and you don’t want to be responsible for upset tummies.

If you think this could be the life for you please contact – let us know the area you are interested in for example countryside, near the beach or in a bustling location and your budget and we will be in touch.