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Properties for sale in Rye Bay

Properties for sale in the Rye Bay Area can be listed here by the owners and marketed on the local property portal before they reach the local Rye estate agents Https://

We offer a Portal service which brings properties online earlier and at a lower cost, the for sale boards work opposite to the way of normal boards which promote the Estate Agents office, our boards promote your property and could even have your phone number on display.

Buyers and Sellers get to speak directly thereby saving a lot of time.

How selling your property without an agent can work?
If you have a lot of passing traffic then a board like this with your contact details on it could see you receiving a reasonable number of calls from people who are interested in your property.

Often we see people share the Rightmove listing into social media. What’s the point of paying an estate agent and then doing the marketing for them?

Whilst almost everyone has joked about picking up and moving away from it all, the median distance moved in the UK in 2018 was surprisingly only 9 miles. This distance has remained unchanged for 5 years, with 51% of moves in 2018 measuring under 10 miles, and nearly two thirds under 20 miles. This suggests that as much as we may dream of pastures new, most of us stay where we have family, a community, a job or a sense of security. This means if you focus on your local area you are more likely to find a buyer and incur less in fees to achieve a sale.
Read more about this article and our step by step guide to selling a home privately here

Listed By Owners for sale boardListed By Owners are an online property listing service that allows Owners to list their properties for a single low payment.

Properties for sale in Rye Bay are often cheaper on Listed By Owners.

Properties can be listed by owners directly. Buyers get in touch directly with whoever the property owner wants to handle the enquiry. It is simple to sell a property in Rye with effective use of technology and social media.

Many property owners are comfortable showing a person around their home these days. Simple precautions make is much faster to reach agreement.  Instructing a good solicitor is always a good idea. Herington’s solicitors in Rye are able to assist in property matters as they have excellent local knowledge.

We offer two charging options, it depends which you prefer.

  1. Pay only £100 to list the property we will help with photographs and data entry the property stays online until sold.
  2. Pay the same £100 but we help with the marketing and on completion you pay half a percent of the achieved value as a disbursement.

We can offer additional marketing services to help drive traffic to your online listing.

Properties for sale in Rye Bay

If you want to buy a property in Rye please register and let us know your requirements. Register here

Rye Estate Agents Include
Phillips and Stubbs Estate Agents Tel 01797 227338
Rush Witt and Wilson Estate Agents, 01797 224000
Reed Rains Estate Agents 01797 225864
Olivers of Rye Estate Agents. 01797 740017
Anderson Hacking estate agents 01797 224852

Other Rye Estate agents in the past included Calcutt Maclean Standen, Consider it done, Foxwood Mclean and Waves.

Other estate agents in Rye can also advertise themselves on this website.