Property for sale or Rent

Property for Sale in Rye

Property for Sale in Rye will often change hands quickly. Having a good looking presentation of your property used to require an estate agent.

Today you can create that professional listing and have it ready to share with prospective buyers via social media yourself and avoid the fees.

We offer a low cost professional service for those who want to buy or sell a property regardless of the property location.

To create a property listing go to it’s very simple to create and will not go live until you approve the final version which you can edit at any time.

Listed By Owners for sale boardOwners have control over the entire process, you can have your details on the for sale board and all enquiries come directly to you.

You can opt to have an agent of your choice take the enquiries if you wish.

Additional Information to help with properties for sale in Rye

We can help with EPC Certificates if needed.
Having an EPC is a legal requirement and cost very little. Once you have an EPC which can cost as little as £80 they are valid for 10 years.

If you are considering selling your own property this handy guide may help

Conveyancing can be online and low cost
See at a glance where your conveyancing is, no more chasing an individual for an answer. Our conveyancers all have access to your case.

Floor plans.
These are extremely helpful and a legal requirement when selling a home. A well presented floor plan gives a prospective buyers an idea of alterations that may be possible and gives them a good feel about the property.