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Heritage Beams

Blast Free Beam Renovations

Whether you have recently purchased your home or are looking to renovate and refresh existing beams and timber features in your property, Heritage Beams provides an alternative and environmentally friendly solution to the potentially damaging and abrasive methods such as shot and sandblasting, chemical stripping and other abrasive techniques. These methods can be messy, disruptive and can use toxic chemicals which can damage the grain of the wood and ruin unique historical and architectural markings on beams.

In many cases these processes are not compliant with grade I or II listed building regulations.

Heritage Beams work sympathetically with the existing features and natural grain to swiftly and efficiently transform dark, painted, stained or fire and water damaged wood.

Our office hours are: Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm

Telephone: 07394475908 or 07394475895