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Beaucatcher Wines

Established 2010 in the ancient town of Rye, East Sussex.

Like the winemakers we work with, we are passionate about wines bursting with flavour and character. However we also believe that our wines should reflect the unique terroirs they originate from. To this end, we support the use of indigenous grape varieties; we also believe in small yields, freshness and finesse; however most of all we respect the envoirement and sustainability. All of our wines are sourced from sustainable sources and many are either organic, biodynamic, vegan or natural.

Since leaving Sotheby’s in the early 1990s, Piers has pursued his passion for fine wines, first as Sales and Marketing Director at Vernon Wines (London) and more recently as founder and owner of specialist importer Plowden Fine Wines. In 2010 he decided to bring some of these stunning wines directly to the British public, and with that came Beaucatcher Wines, and the delightful shop in Rye, East Sussex.

Piers maintains that “Beaucatcher Wines portfolio reflects our commitment to source wines bursting with character and flavour….our portfolio consists of small, independent growers, men and women, who are not afraid to go out on a limb and sacrifice yields for freshness and finesse” Piers lives in the ancient town of Winchelsea and travels to Europe visiting vineyards and talking to winemakers whenever possible..

Piers Plowden


Beaucatcher Wines