With Attitude

Camber Sands Beach

Camber Sands beach is a great place to come and enjoy yourself with family and friends. Like any beach there are considerations you should discuss with your party prior to arrival. Camber Sands beach is what a beach should look like.

Be Safe – Stay together when going near the sea. The slope of the beach is long and slight, this means incoming tides can come in behind you and block your return to higher areas.

Because accidents can happen you should discuss “Rip Currents” how to avoid them and how to deal with them.

They are generally not very wide so swimming parallel to the beach and not back the way you came is generally a good idea. Please sign our petition for Life Guards paid for out of car park revenue

A rip current is a narrow band of outbound fast moving water. They can be dangerous and happen only occasionally. Camber is no more prone to a rip current than any other beaches.

This video us under 90 seconds

To avoid them swim to one side of the mainstream. If you are being pulled out to sea then swim to one side to exit the main stream. Ideally swim in the direction of the tide (down stream and parallel to the beach).

If you are unable to do this then float a while and wait until you stop going out to sea. The rip current usually only goes out a short distance.

Then make your way back diagonally. DO NOT TRY TO SWIM AGAINST THE CURRENT. If you have a floatation device or surf board stay with it.

Have a great visit and enjoy Camber Sands. Arriving earlier than 11am is a great idea. Most people arrive at 11am hence the inevitable traffic jam. Arrive around 9am and you avoid it.