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DJ fossils and minerals

Looking for an unusual present to say thank you? are located in Rye High street and have some of the most beautiful Fossils on display and a lot more out of sight.

DJ Fossils and Minerals is a family run business we have been selling fossils and crystals for around 22 years now we have run a successful high street shop for around 12 years and have been selling online for around 20 years so please feel safe when shopping with us my name is Shaun Ennis and my wife’s name is Sherrie. buy and sell British fossils and also fossils from around the globe we also sell high end fossils we will sometimes buy collections please feel free to browse our online catalogue of fossils and minerals interior design companies are always welcome.

Come and visit us the pocket full of Rye 5a Rye High Street, Rye, East Sussex, UK) mobile contact 07803587003  fossils  possibly one of the best collections in the south east I also prepare fossils to a very high standard we are located in the main high street in rye east Sussex.

Dinosaur teeth, fossils for kids, dinosaur bones from the Isle of Wight, crinoid or sea lilies, British crinoids, include pentacrinites from the West Country, crinoid fossils. trilobite , from wales and morocco , phacops, Traumatocrinus crinoids ,kainops trilobite ,heteromorph ammonites .we also hold a massive array of all types of crystals from the very rare to the more common.

Address: Pocket Full Of Rye, 5A High St, Rye, TN31 7JE

Telephone: 07720 540169