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The home of Mapp and Lucia

Rye is open for business, social distancing is in force and shops require masks. If you are visiting from a higher Tier area please reconsider the trip. Restaurants are filling up quickly so call and book ahead.

Guests who are staying locally will be sure of finding a restaurant just ask your accommodation provider for recommendations.

For the best deal ALWAYS speak with the accommodation provider, you will not get a better rate elsewhere and the online booking agents cannot discuss specific details which are going to be more important in the Covid era.

Where to stay in Rye
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Did you hear about Shakespeare in Rye as seen on the BBC ?

Shakespeare in Rye at The Mermaid 1597

Shakespeare in Rye at The Mermaid 1597

Gepostet von The Mermaid Inn Rye am Samstag, 4. März 2017

Make your restaurant reservations well in advance

Images of Rye Sussex

Courtesy of Bev Ham local resident out walking her dog with a camera

Courtesy of James Tomlinson and Rye and District Camera Club

James Tomlinson Rye at Christmas

Catch the latest movies in the Kino Digital Cinema


Rye Bay has much to offer for all ages all year round

Rye in Sussex is renowned for the calm and relaxed character of a medieval Cinque Ports town. Steeped in history, Rye is much loved by locals and visitors alike.

Theatre, Cinema, beaches forests and fine dining await you whilst our local shops and restaurants are sure to please.


The vibrant local economy offers an alternative and relaxed shopping experience. Rye is a well kept fascinating small town with many things to see and do in the area.

Some destinations delight in hosting wild noisy parties. Thankfully the Rye Bay area is more suited to the mature end of the spectrum. Children are welcome at a wide variety of destinations whilst others are exclusively adults only.

Image courtesy of James Tomlinson of Rye

Our friendly visitor information centre is located at the Heritage centre on the Strand tel 01797 226696 or email

Rye Heritage Centre,
The Old Sail Loft
Rye Strand Quay
TN31 7AY

Remember booking accommodation directly with the venue can save as much as 15%