Mermaid St

Although cobbled it is quite safe to walk up Mermaid street and have a look at the recently rebuilt Mermaid Inn.

Rebuilt in 1420 is about as recent as it gets in Rye. Pop into the bar for refreshments or perhaps enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

Perhaps the Mermaid Inn which is actually a lovely hotel is the star of Mermaid st but rest assured many an enjoyable walk has taken here.

Jeake’s House Guest Accommodation has been run by Jenny Hadfield and Richard “for a while now”. Like the Mermaid they have their own car park and are only a few minutes walk to the antique shops and restaurants. Jeakes house is a real treasure with its own honest bar, be sure to book ahead for this one.

Trader’s passage leads you to Watchbell Street, where you can have a drink at the Hope Anchor and enjoy the stunning views. A short walk through the arch under the Mermaid Hotel leads to their courtyard where you can enjoy a meal and of course children are welcome.

Walk a little further and you are in the Mint area of Rye high street where you will certainly find lots to see and do. The ever popular “Standard Inn” public house is sure to be teaming with well behaved locals and some visitors no doubt. The food is also excellent.

There area  few lovely antique shops offering items you just know are authentic and some will no doubt have items you long since forgot about and may have at your Granddads house. Either way some time spent here will be enjoyable.

Try and find this little Gem

At the top of or Mermaid street is Lamb house where you will find live music at certain times of year. A little further on leads to Church square and the Gun gardens.  A popular family friendly “Ypres Public house” will greet you with live music at the weekend is a crowd puller. The locally sourced wines and beers abound in all pubs in Rye.

Toward the bottom of Mermaid Street in Rye you enter the strand area where you are going to enjoy the many antique shops and restaurants such as Simply Italian (mention it’s a birthday treat and stand back – it’s fun, loud and family friendly)

The Mermaid Inn have a strong focus on locally sourced meat and fish, don’t confuse Romney marsh lamb with what is served where you live – we keep the best for ourselves and to share with our visitors!